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The BSMS Rugby team comprises of solely medics from all 5 years at Brighton and Sussex Medical School. The Men's Rugby has been in place since the University was opened in 2003 and whilst small in numbers, the team has gone from strength to strength. Although the rugby is taken seriously at BSMS the team spirit and cohesion is unquestionable, this contributes to its great social scene and the recruitment of new and experienced players every year.


In 2012 the BSMS Rugby team won best BSMS sports team and narrowly missing out on winning the South East Development League the same year. The team has reached the quarter finals of the National Association of Medical Schools (NAMS) Sevens tournament but has taken a several year break from NAMS to play in some local leagues and competitions.


Last season saw the BSMS play in the Sussex 'Late Red' League Three, winning with some huge margins. BSMS also reached the final of the Sussex Shield, losing to a team 5 leagues above them but nevertheless showed grit and determination until the end.

The 2015 season has seen BSMS re-join NAMS with the formation of a new South-East division.

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MATCH REPORT - 3rd October 2015 BSMS 20 GKT 17 

This year marked our first ever entrance to NAMs , and as such we approached this game with great excitement as well as some trepidation.  With many of our more senior players away on elective or busy with 5th year we relied on some of our new comers to help fill the ranks, and with only two training sessions under our belt we knew that our first NAMs fixture would be a big one.


Big day arrived and conditions were perfect, new pitch, new changing room and new military rugby regime in the form of Jim and Dan. The difference between the two teams could not be emphasized more, with our boys in blue lined up in kit that, although beaten and worn held the blood sweat and determination of 10 years of BSMS rugby, compared to the brand new blue and gold sponsorship laden kits of kings.  One could almost be forgiven to think that the game was a given, and that BSMS would be fighting for pride rather than victory.  However if the world cup has proven anything this year, it is that don’t judge a team by their funding and experience but the commitment they bring to the pitch.


At the kick off it was clear we had an uphill struggle, with BSMS losing 3 line outs in a row (two of which were ours) and it wasn’t long till a couple of missed tackles led to a quick Kings try and solid conversion.  We were caught napping and we were punished for it.  

After Jims inner drill sergeant surfaced for a quick team talk, it was a determined BSMS team with heads held high that lined up for round two.  The determination was clear to see, with big hits coming from the forwards and dependable handling and quick plays coming from the backs.  The hard work paid off when we were awarded a penalty within kicking range and with no hesitation Luke stepped up and slotted it home to make it 7-3.

It was the chink in their armour we needed to see and it led to some very entertaining rugby from two teams giving it their all.  It was our forwards however who decided to take things in to their own hands, and after breaking their line, momentum was with the beleaguered blues.  With a succession of red balls we slowly pushed forward ever closer to their try line.  It has been suggested by some that the style of play might have been one dimensional, I feel however, a more accurate description would be “effective”, as after a final drive we cleared the line and Theo touched down for a well-deserved try to make it 10-7.


What came next can only be described as an onslaught with the kings lot eyeing up our try line with a look not dissimilar to that of upper years eyeing up fresher’s as they arrive for their first year of med school.  They even played some very three-dimensional rugby.  Their efforts came to no avail, and BSMS were more than happy to sit on the back foot and hold the opposition at bay and wait for them to make the mistake, of which there were many, which only goes to show that sometimes, if lacking in skill, it is better to stick to basic perhaps even one dimensional rugby which is a proven winner.

One can only describe the BSMS defence in those final minutes of the first half as heroic with every player giving their all and throwing themselves in to tackles with little heed for their own safety, and the elation was well deserved when the half time whistle blew.  The team picked themselves up and jogged to the opposite side of the field past a very shell-shocked kings team where inspirational speeches ensued.  


The second half kicked off with both teams desperate to prove their worth, Luke drew first blood with a textbook conversion creating a 6-point gap.  However kings followed up shortly by slotting a conversion of their own keeping them in this thriller of a game.  The passage of play in the second half although scrappy was very entertaining to watch with the forwards battling it out in the multiple scrums.  Although the BSMS forwards only practiced a team scrum for the first time earlier that day they put up a fantastic fight giving every ounce of strength to fight off a well-trained opposition and kept the pressure on kings.

The deadlock was broken half way through the second half when quick play off a penalty lead to a cleaver try from skipper Jim making it 20-10.  Although cries of foul play could be heard from the opposition, it does not negate the fact that there were multiple phases played between the penalty and eventual try and it was the strength of BSMS’s one-dimensional rugby that won through in the end.


Post kick off the intensity of the game picked up and once again BSMS were fighting for survival till eventually they found a gap in our defence and only the touchline came to our rescue.  Controversy ensued over the confusing nature of our touchlines even though they had already had 60 minutes to get their heads around the fact that yes we were playing with the inside line, a point which was highlighted to the referee and captain before kick-off.

However the moment was soon forgotten when kings took advantage of another defensive laps and touched down making the score 20-17 after a successful conversion.

Kings sensing a last minute victory threw everything at us but our will and determination not to fall at the last held strong and the final whistle came to resounding cheers throughout the BSMS squad leaving King’s multiple sponsors disappointed at a missed opportunity to gain valuable points.  

Although scrappy at times, it was an unbelievably entertaining game to watch and one that the boys should proud to have won.  It was a broken but ecstatic team that entered the changing rooms and it only goes to show that even with little to no funding we make up for it with commitment and heart.

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