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Fixtures by Division

Please see below the provisional fixtures for the 2014/15 group stages. For more information on kick off times, please contact the individual Clubs for more information. 


For fixtures and results for the Knockout Stages, please click here. 



All fixtures are on a saturday unless otherwise specified


25th October;

Soton vs Peninsula


1st November;

Cardiff vs Bristol 


8th November;

GKT vs Soton

Bristol vs Peninsula


15th November; 

Soton - Bristol 

Cardiff - Peninsula


22th November; 

Cardiff vs Soton


29th November; 

GKT vs Bristol


6th December; 

Cardiff vs GKT


13th December; 

Peninsula vs GKT


4th October; 

Notts GEMS vs Birmingham 


18th October; 

Notts GEMS vs Leicester

Warwick vs Swansea 


25th October; 

Swansea vs Notts RUFC


1st November; 

Notts RUFC vs Notts GEMS


5th (Weds) November; 

Notts RUFC vs Birmingham 


8th November; 

Warwick vs Notts GEMS


12th (Weds) November; 

Birmingham vs Leicester


15th November; 

Swansea vs Birmingham

19th (Weds) November; 

Leicester vs Notts RUFC

Birmingham vs Warwick


22nd November; 

Swansea vs Notts GEMS


29th November; 

Warwick vs Leicester


6th December; 

Leicester vs Swansea

Warwick vs Notts GEMS


10th December; 

Notts RUFC vs Warwick


1st (Weds) October; 

Sheffield - Liverpool 


15th (Weds) October;

Sheffield vs Manchester


29th (Weds) October;

Sheffield vs Leeds


8th November;

Leeds vs Manchester 


26th (Weds) November; 

Manchester vs Liverpool 

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