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Future Plans

Already, along with the help of the Universities Rugby Officials from the RFU, there has been a drive to increase participation in the NAMS competition. There has been a push to integrate the London-based Medical Schools back into the competition after withdrawal a few years previously, as well including other Medical School sides from around the country that have historically not been involved. 


The Medics Premier League

Longer term, the future of the competition potentially lies in a different format - in a format that would mirror the BUCS competition format. It is hoped that a national Medics League could occur, with a tiered system based on standard, with the lower leagues being grouped geographically This would increase the number of games that can be played between Medical Schools sides, as well the possibility of 2nd and 3rd XVs competing in the competition. 


As a result, this season the MPL kicks off, with Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff and Southampton playing each other home and away to increase the number of competitive fixtures between sides. It is hoped that over the coming years, more and more sides will be encouraged to join the competition. 

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