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"A lucky few can claim to have known the late, great James "Hendo" Henderson before the bright lights of London and the inequities of the exam system cruelly took him from us. His legacy and lasting gift to the GEM students of Nottingham University was the finest rugby union team ever to grace the Midlands. Hendo's vision was realised when the first ever Nottingham GEM rugby team was formed in December 2006.

This was also the time that saw the NGMRFC colours chosen, with the iconic blue and white strip (which would later earn them the nickname "Pumas") conceived by passionate player/treasurer/designer Vincent McGovern. Toward the end of 2006-2007 the infant NGMRFC even secured their first victory with a historic win in spring 2007 against Ripley Rhinos.

Too many players stand out from those halcyon days to name them all individually. But tribute must surely be paid to Tim Sharp who in a fit of alcoholic stupor got all of those with a similar mindset together on a night out in a local Derby bar and Fergus Adams who purchased the first NGMRFC kit with his own money. Special mention also to Jacob Brown for his frankly heroic effort in playing Prop with no experience against men twice his size. And, of course, to Craig Stewart for his inspirationally hot wife.

The 2008 GEM intake was the strongest yet with addition of ex-Notts allstars Tim McEwen (c) and Will Turner. Reinvigorated, the Pumas took on the might of the Notts Undergraduate Medics and were unlucky to lose out in a tensely fought match. 2008-2009 also saw the election of the first NGMRFC committee. 2009 saw NGMRFC face another medical school for the first time as McEwen led a NGMRFC touring party to a famous victory against Swansea Medics.

2010-11 saw NGMRFC enter the Pennant League for the first time. The precise details of how exactly this came to pass have long since been lost in history but it seems a safe bet that Tim McEwen's twin fetishes for both competition and admin likely played a part. This season saw the helm taken by maniacal man mountain Gareth Davies-Jones with Piv as his right hand man. The League looked close from the outset with Paviours and GEM looking to be the front-runners, but with GEM losing to West Bridgeford and Paviours away it looked like victory would be out of their reach. But the Pumas rallied to put together a solid string of matches towards the end of the season, beating rivals Paviours at home and then Southwell away to close out top of the league.

Back to back promotions saw NGMRFC promoted to the dizzying heights of Pennant 2 for the 2013-2014 season. Strong performances under the guidance of skipper Owen Hughes looked sure to send the Pumas to their 3rd promotion in three seasons, foiled only by a tough run in during exam season. The team now look to the future, buoyed by newly announced participation in NAMS, and looking forward to a strong intake for the 2014-2015 season which will see the Pumas competing in both the National Medical School league, and the local Pennant competition.


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Tom Hatfield President

Fred Garrett Captain



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