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Rules and Regulations

National Association of Medical Schools (NAMS) Cup; League Rules

1)     All games to be played in accordance with the Laws of the Game as laid down by the International Rugby Board (IRB) and Rugby Football Union (RFU).


2)     All clubs to use Society Referees (wherever possible). If no Society Referee is available, both Clubs should do all that they can to provide one, however it is down to the Home Side to ultimately provide the referee.


3)    The format of the competition is as follows:

a.     The competition will be split geographically into 4 divisions; South-West, South-East, Midlands and North. Each team in the division will play every other team once (with exception to the South-east league given there are only 3 teams). The points allocation for the games is stated below.

b.     The top two teams from each division will progress through to the cup competition. With there being a total of 17 teams, to ensure all teams get to experience or have the chance to experience KO rugby, teams coming 9th-17th will be ranked in terms of total points etc. Teams placed 9th-12th will be the home seeds for the QF and the teams coming 16th and 17th will play a play-off match for the last away QF spot.

c.     Both the cup and plate competition will then act as a knock out competition, with the winners progressing until they ultimately reach each final.


4)    The points allocation for the divisional group games are as follows:

a.     Win = 4 points

b.     Draw = 2 Points

c.     Loss = 1 point

d.     Try Bonus Points = 1 point.

                                               i.     This will be awarded to any side (win, lose or draw), that score 4 or more tries in any game.

e.     Losing Bonus Point = 1 Point

                                               i.     This will be awarded to the losing side, if they lose by 7 points or less.


5)    If there is a tie between two teams progressing through the group stages, the order of which it will be decided who progresses over the other side will be:

a.     Head-to-head result

b.     Points difference

c.     Points scored

d.     Points conceded


6)    Trophies will be awarded annually to each side winning both the Cup and Plate competition respectively. They will be held for the year and then returned for finals day.


7)    Each side participating in the competition will pay a dividend of £60 to maintain the costs of the finals day competition every year. Information on the NAMS account and remaining balance after each season will be placed on the website at the end of each season.

8)    Failure to pay the £60 will result in a temporary withdrawal from the next years competition until the sum has been paid.


9)    It is up to the Home side to ensure that Officials and Facilities are booked in advance. The Home side will cover the costs of the above.


10) Both sides are responsible for sending results to the NAMS secretary by Sunday 8pm of the weekend that the game is played. If it is a midweek game, the result must be sent within 24 hours of the end of the game.

a.     All results must be sent to:


11) Fixtures for the divisional games will NOT be centrally allocated. It is accepted that every side has other commitments, and therefore it is up to both Fixtures Secretaries to arrange the group fixtures before the start of the season and inform the NAMS Secretary before September 30th 2017.

a.     It is down to the home side to ensure that the fixture goes ahead and to contact the opposition fixtures secretary to confirm dates and details.

b.     Group games will be alternated between home and away each season.

c.     All group games must be completed before December 25th, in order for the knockout stages to be clarified before the start of the second term.

d.     Inability to complete the fixtures before Christmas will result in both teams receiving no points from the fixture, unless exceptional circumstances are given.


12) If a team forfeits a game for reasons that are not deemed acceptable by the opposition or the league secretary, then NAMS have the right to award the opposition with the victory.

a.     Any fixture should be postponed before 9am of the day of the fixture. Failure to do so will result in the Victory being awarded to the opposition side.

b.     This will be a try-bonus-point victory, with a mandatory 50-0 victory for points difference purposes.


13) In the knockout stages, of both the plate and cup competitions, if the game ends in a draw, then the game will go into extra time (10 mins each half) and then onto a sudden death kick scenario as described in the RFU laws of the game.


14) At the end of each season, it is up to each side to provide the NAMS Secretary with the email addresses and numbers of their Fixtures Secretaries and captains, in order to ensure that all information is correctly sent to the Clubs the following season.


15) All players in the competition must be students and in all NAMS and MPL games, ‘old boys’ are not allowed to play to ‘make up the numbers’. Should fielding a 1st XV prove difficult because of injuries for example, this must be made clear to the opposition in sufficient time before the match so that the game can be rescheduled or an appropriate outcome is made.


16) Non-MedSoc players in each side; as this is a competition designed for Rugby Clubs that represent various Medical Schools throughout the country, it is advised that where possible every member of the competition be part of that Medical Society or Medical School. No more than 5 non-medsoc players can be in the matchday squad, with a maximum of 3 on the pitch at any one time.


17) No matchday squad should contain more than 23 players.


18) Rolling subs are now allowed to ensure that all teams have the opportunity to potentially have a fit front row throughout the match  

a.     RFU rules RE blood reversals etc apply.

19) All teams are to start each match with a fit front row. Teams that are light for front row on the bench should declare this prior to the match but do not forfeit the match. Teams that fail to provide a fit front row for the start of the match automatically concede the match and the other team is awarded a 50-0 W/O BP win.


20) Each division will have a NAMS representative who sits on the committee. Any problems with fixtures (e.g. inability to agree on dates, or wishing to postpone fixtures) should be sent to your representative. If the problem cannot be resolved here, then the NAMS Secretary and Chairman will be alerted.

a.     Likewise, if there are any problems with the competition that you wish to be voiced, then your divisional representative is the person to go to.


21) Further information on Committee Members can be found on the NAMS website, however the following members will also sit on the committee:

a.     NAMS Chairman – runs the tournament and directly deals with fixtures.

b.     NAMS Secretary – in charge of website, updating fixtures etc.

c.     NAMS Treasurer – in charge of accounts.

d.     Divisional Representatives (explained previously)

e.     NAMS 7s – organiser of the NAMS 7s rugby tournament will also sit on the Committee.

f.      NAMS Finals Day organiser – any Rugby Club can chose to host the finals day, and will therefore sit on the board. At the start of each season, any person who wishes to organise the final can contact the NAMS Secretary to express this wish.


Richard Jones

NAMS Chairman 2017/18



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